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(left to right) Mr Chris Isles, Mr Philip Bradley, Ms Julie Goodyer, Ms Kiri Turketo, Ms Rachel Heeney, Ms Lynley Banbury-Sheweiry, Mr Andrew Stevens, Miss Vivien Whyte (2017 Student rep), Mr Paul Gestro, Mrs Lorraine Pound, Ms Tanya Williams

Mr Philip Bradley - My wife and I are parents to three daughters, Rebekah, Summer and Georgia who cover the spectrum of student life at Epsom Girls; one finished Year 13 in 2015 and is at university overseas while the other two continue in Years 12 and 9. I count it a privilege to serve the school community with a background that includes teaching, architecture and business.

Mr Paul Gestro - I have had a career in international business and finance and I am looking forward to applying any and all skills to assist EGGS adapt to whatever the future brings. Growing up with both parents as teachers allowed me to observe the passion and appreciate the complexities of administrating schools. With two daughters at EGGS I am excited to enable the school to achieve its goals and help create a supportive school environment for staff and our young women to become leaders.

Ms Julie Goodyer - Lawyer with over 30 years' experience, I attended EGGS in the 1970s and my two daughters attended EGGS 2009 - 2013. I am on the EGGS Old Girls Association Committee and I was Preseident from 2010 - 2014. I am now Secretary/Treasurer. I am Chairperson of the Centenary Committee and was a member of the Capital Campaign Committee for the Joyce Fisher Sports Centre Project.

Ms Rachel Heeney - I have worked at Epsom Girls Grammar School for 17 years in which time I have been Head of Biology. I am currently Teacher in Charge of rowing as well as the Board staff representative. I love my time here teaching the students and being part of the collegial professional staff. I have an 8 year old daughter and a huge genuine interest in continually learning science and changing pedagogy to help our students gain success.

Mr Chris Iles - As the new Chair of the Board of Trustees, I look forward to working with the new group of trustees to continue to deliver sound governance and provide support for the management team. I am the CFO of Obex NZ delivering world class medical technology within the health system. I have 2 daughters currently at the school, both of whom love the EGGS environment and friendships they have made. It's an exciting time for the school with the centenary in 2017 and I look forward to working with the team that will set the scene for the second hundred years.

Mrs Lorraine Pound - Principal

Ms Lynley Banbury-Sheweiry - I have been a BOT member for the last 4 years and have the following responsibilities: Deputy Chairperson of the Board, EGGS Foundation BOT representative, Chairperson of the Personnel sub-committee, member of the Enrolment and Curriculum sub-committees. Currently, I am Co-President of the EGGS Old Girls Association, a PTA member and on the Arts & Culture, Centenary, Capital Campaign and Graduation Dinner committees. Since 2015 I have also been the EGGS BOT representative on the selection panel for Auckland Central Community of Schools.

Ms Kate Smith - I am an EGGS old girl, my final year being 1991. I have a daughter, Chloe, currently at EGGS. I am a Detective Sergeant in the Police with a passion in the Child Protection and Family Harm work spaces and I believe strong values are critical to any organisation.

Mr Andrew Stevens - I have been a trustee on the EGGS Board since being co-opted in the second half of the 2015 school year. I am father to three wonderful daughters and all three will be at the school in 2017. I am an active member of the Finance and Property Committee, using my skills in business, property and construction for the advancement of the school and its not inconsiderable fixed assets. I trained as a professional engineer and I have a strong profile in the industry in New Zealand.

Ms Tanya Williams - Pasifika Representative

Ms Kiri Turketo - Whanau Representative

Mr Charles Aiolupotea - Pasifika Representative

Miss Rebecca Mead Student Representative

Mrs Lisa Strachan (BOT Secretary)

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