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Research into school effectiveness indicates that students will succeed in their education when there is a strong partnership between the school and parents. We welcome discussion and dialogue with parents to ensure our students are supported in their learning and personal development.

Meetings with Staff

Meetings with the Principal, Deputy Principals, Deans or guidance staff may be arranged by phoning for an appointment. Interviews with individual teachers must be arranged through the senior staff, or ar Parent-Teacher evenings.

Website, Newsletters and Notices

The school website is updated regularly to inform students and parents about school life and remind them of upcoming events. Newsletters from the Principal are emailed usually every fortnight. Students are also occasionally given notices to take home. Provision of an email address allows the school to notify parents when newsletters are issued and available on the school website.

Telephone Communication

Messages for students - We regret that it is not possible to take telephoned messages for students except in cases of extreme emergency.

A telephone is available for students to use for short outgoing calls. This may not be used in circumstances where an official school communication is necessary. Any request for a parent to pick up a girl for health reasons is the responsibility of the school nurse, and arrangements may NOT be made either by the student or by a friend.

Detailed Reporting of student progress

Term 1: Student led tutor teacher conferences.

Term 2: Grade summary issued for all students Week 2.

Year 9 & 10 Reports online Week 7. Report and subject conferences Week 9 & 10
Year 11 - 13 Reports online Week 8. Report and subject conferences Week 9 & 10.

Term 3: Junior Subject teacher/student/parent conferences Week 1.

Term 4: Senior results for school exams and NCEA internal grades available online Week 3. Senior Reports issued Week 3. Junior Reports issued Week 9.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time to discuss the academic progress of their daughter. The first contact should be the appropriate Dean.

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