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Strategic Plan 2014-2018


Strategic Plan 2014 - 18

A. Overarching Goals:

All Year 13 leavers will achieve Level 2

Endorsements at all levels will be higher than those for decile 9 girls’ schools


B. Five Year Strategic Goals

To improve student achievement through:

1. Support to meet targets for identified groups of students including priority learners

2. Enhanced learning partnerships between students, staff, parents/whanau, BOT, Old Girls and local schools.

3. Professional development of staff and sharing of best practice 4. Provision of facilities and resources to meet student and school needs


C. Strategic Directional Statements


• Student centred

• All students are welcomed as learners who can experience success

• Positive supportive relationships are promoted

• A cycle of self-review and improvement is practised

• Diversity is welcomed and celebrated

• Practices of a learning organisation are evident throughout the school

o Expecting high standards

o Constantly developing to meet changing needs

o Being prepared to listen, to consider the ideas of others

o Working together to produce solutions to problems

o Valuing and trusting people o Being open and honest

Student Learning and Achievement

• Learning is personalised as much as possible for students

• e-learning is used to make students more independent, active partners in their learning

• Targets are set for Identified groups including priority learners

• Participation and achievement in co-curricular activities are valued and promoted

Effective Teaching

• Inclusive pedagogy underpins teaching

• Teaching as inquiry is used to improve student outcomes

• e-learning is a tool to personalise learning

• Best practice is shared to improve learning for all


• Student needs are assessed against existing courses

• New courses to address these needs are introduced where possible

• Students with special learning needs are identified and these needs addressed

Learning Partnerships

• Data on student achievement and progress is available on line

• Students, teachers, tutors and parents work together to improve achievement

• Students are active partners in their learning

• Achievement of personal goals is celebrated and resilience developed

Community Engagement

• IT is used to involve the community

o Website

o Newsletters

o Allteams

• Whanau Awhina welcomes Maori whanau

• Pasifika Komiti runs fono for Pasifika parents

• Asian events promote Asian culture – Chinese Extravaganza, Korean Evening, Diversity stage Polyfest

• International students are valued for their contribution to the school

• Meetings are held to inform parents about learning and pathways

o NCEA Evening

o Careers Evening

o Options Evening

o Parent/student/tutor meetings

o Report conferences

o PTA meetings provide a forum for discussion

• Epsom House is an integral part of the school

• Involvement of the community in cultural and sporting groups and councils is encouraged

• Experts in the community are invited to share in classes as appropriate

• Old Girls Association provides strong role models for present students

• Global connections are encouraged


• Leadership development opportunities are available at all levels for students

• Leadership development opportunities are promoted for staff

• A model of sustainable leadership is practised


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