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Student Support Services provide a coordinated system of support for students including advice, guidance and counselling in areas of need such as school work, personal developments, health and careers. The aim of these services is to help every student make the most of her learning opportunities and to prepare well for her future.

Orientation of Year 9 Students

We aim to make the transition of Year 9 students into this school as pleasant and easy as possible. An orientation programme is planned, including the use of Year 13 Peer Supporters. Other support is provided by senior students trained in mediation and peer counselling as part of the MASH (Mediators Against Student Harassment) team.

Student Support Personnel

Administration: A Student Support Services Coordinator, attendancem reception and data entry staff.

Counselling: Two full-time and three part-time counsellors (two being for Asian students).

Careers: A full-time Careers Advisor. A Gateway Coordinator.

Deans: Two Deans for each Year level. A Qualifications Manager overseeing all year levels.

Health Centre Professional: A Registered Nurse is available during school hours.

Student Support Procedures

Students may make their own appointments with the staff in the network, or they may be referred by family, staff or peers; a note will be sent for them. 

Any parent is welcome to contact staff in the network to discuss their concerns about their daughter by telephoning either the appropriate dean, the nurse or one of the counsellors. 

For medical attention, students who feel ill must report to the school nurse. The nurse will attend to students at school or arrange for the students to go home if necessary. 

If students need to bring prescription medication to school please inform the school nurse. 

If a serious accident or illness occurs, the nurse may decide to seek appropriate help from outside agencies and a parent/caregiver will be notified as soon as possible. 

Unwell students must not phone parents themselves and arrange to be collected from school.

Learning Support and Extension Programmes

The Learning Centre, formerly known as LEAP, is a hub for a wide range of students with additional needs. The department provides a range of programmes to enhance student learning. These include:

  • The Expansion Thinking Programme is a Philosophy course that is designed to challenge students to think more critically and creatively while developing their ability to work collaboratively with others.

  • Learning Skills Programme which is available to support senior students focuses on development of life skills, employment skills and study skills.
  • Peer Assisted Learning Programme focuses on developing student relationships though Year 13 student leaders working alongside identified Year 9 and 10 students.
  • Assistance Programmes for junior students include Reciprocal Reading which provides support with the development of reading skills.

The Learning Centre supports and promotes learning across the school with special emphasis on literacy, numeracy and reflective thinking.

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