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There have been many new developments in the area of Sustainability within the school over the last twelve months. The newly formed Recycling Committee spent the first half of 2010 assessing the school's current practices and creating a new and improved strategy. This culminated in the launch of the new recycling campaign. We have also become Worm Farmers and entered a new stage as an official TravelWise school.


Official opening of the Worm Farm - December 2010


In 2010 the Recycling Committee embarked on a journey which resulted in an efficient recycling scheme for the school. We are very pleased with the progress the school has made towards achieving greater sustainability, and have high hopes for a greener future. Recycling bins have been installed around the school with the help of the Recycling Committee and to encourage good recycling practice we have created 'green cards' which will be given out to girls seen using the new bins effectively and responsibly. These cards will then go into a prize draw.

Worm Farming Committee

Worms - those gross wiggly things we sometimes find in the garden contribute immensely to our ecosystem. At the beginning of Term four, the Worm Farming Committee was presented with 20,000 worms (a number that is predicted to grow to around 80,000 in the next few months). In due course, these worms will have the hostel's kitchen scraps turned into a rich, organic fertiliser, while helping to decrease the amount of food wastage.

At the moment we are considering different courses of action to take with our worms. These ideas include selling the fertiliser, or using it to create an organic vegetable garden.  Overall, we hope that we will be able to educate and inspire more people to think about how they can make a difference to our ever-expanding landfills.


2010 was an important year as Epsom Girls Grammar School became an official TravelWise school. This means we now have a Travel Plan that will continue to encourage our students to be active, social, safe and sustainable in their choices for getting to and from school. We will continue to support events like World Car Free Day and make travel information more comprehensive and easily accessible. The plan also includes the engineering work to be carried out by the Auckland Council to establish a safer 40km speed limit along Gillies Avenue at peak times, active (flashing) warning signs on Manukau Road to raise the awareness of vehicles travelling along this route at times when our students are coming to and from school. More bus parking will be set up along Owens Road to reduce the double parking and dangers to students as they weave through parked vehicles.

To find out more about school bus routes to EGGS go to www.maxx,co,nz and look for Epsom Girls Grammar or telephone 366 6400.

Proposed parking changes for Albury Ave and Sharpe Rd, Epsom and Proposed bus stop extension and alteration on Owens Rd

Proposed parking changes for Albury Ave and Sharpe Rd, Epsom

Bus stop extension and alterations on Owens Rd, Epsom


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