The commitment in the school's Purpose Statement to providing a wide range of learning opportunities is reflected in the range of co-curricular activities offered at the school, which complement a wide range of subject choices. There are two pillars of the co-curriculum, flanking and supporting the curriculum itself: Sports and Arts & Cultural Activities. Each is led by a dedicated Co-ordinator who works with other staff, student leaders, parents and friends of the school and outside organisations to provide a comprehensive range of learning opportunities for personal growth and the development of skills.

Students who participate in any of these opportunities develop leadership skills, co-operative strategies, self-management and goal setting skills. They also learn to aim for personal excellence. Students who balance their classroom-based learning with engagement in both sports and the arts develop both their physical fitness and their imaginations. We promote to students the importance in life of being a participant, not a spectator. We encourage participation and celebrate both individual and team achievements in these important co-curricula activities at weekly, whole-school assemblies.        

EGGS/AGS 2018 Production 'Ragtime'
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