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Curling is played on Thursday evenings at Paradice Skating rink in Avondale. Players need to make their own arrangements to get to the venue. There will be a "Have a Go" night (date to be confirmed) before the season starts on the 9th May.

Events: NISS Championships, 1st - 4th September, Paradice Skating Rink
  NZSS Championships, 5th - 7th October, Auckland.  Note that this event is in
the Term 3 holidays.
Uniform: Epsom track pants and Epsom t-shirt, both available from the uniform shop,
  with a polyprop underneath, and sports shoes.
  EGGS Curling blue hoodie (approximately $35 each).
Cost: Approximately $40 per player for the regional competition, additional $60 for      
  each of the NISS and NZSS competitions, if entered.
Teacher in Charge: Ms Pauline Farra
 Sports Captain: Chloe Li

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