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Epsom Girls Grammar School is proud to offer all students the national, internationally-recognised qualification NCEA - the National Certificate of Educational Achievement.

National Certificate of Educational Achievement - NCEA

LEVEL 1:  (Year 11)

Students study six subjects in addition to Physical Education and Health. 80 credits are needed and these must include 10 specified literacy and 10 specifed numeracy credits.

LEVEL 2:  (Year 12)  

80 credits are required, 60 of which must be at Level 2 or higher. Credits in some subjects may also count towards other National Certificates, eg: National Certificate of Employment Skills, National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing.

LEVEL 3:  (Year 13)

80 credits are required, 60 of which must be at Level 3 and 20 at Level 2 or higher. Students may also be gaining or working towards a variety of other certificates.

New Zealand Scholarship

Students may enter to sit one or more Scholarship examinations as well as their Level 3 NCEA Standards.

Scholarship examinations extend very able students and offer monetary awards ranging from one off payments of $500 right up to $10,000 each year for three years of tertiary study in New Zealand. 

The examinations are designed to extend academic students, requiring them to demonstrate high-level abstract and critical thinking. (Scholarship is not a qualification and does not generate credits towards NCEA). For further information visit the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website:


University Entrance

Students who gain University Entrance and maintain a high level of achievement in Level 3 NCEA are well qualified to enter competive courses at New Zealand and overseas Universities.

New Zealand universities now have a ranked score component to entry requirements.  The ranked score is based on a student's best 80 credits at Level 3 in up to 5 Approved Subjects:

x 2  for each credit at Achieved
x 3  for each credit ar Merit
x 4  for each credit at Excellence

Please see, below, current Universtiy Entrance requirements as laid down in Section 6.2 of the Assessment and Examination Rules and Procedures for Secondary Schools: 

University Entrance Requirements


  • Literacy - 10 credits at Level 2 or above, made up of:
       - 5 credits in reading
       - 5 credits in writing
  • Numeracy - 10 credits at Level 1 or above, made up of:
       - achievement standards - specified achievement standards available through a range of subjects, or
       - unit standards - package of three numeracy unit standards (26623, 26626, 26627 - all three required).
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