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All girls are expected to do homework on a regular basis and to develop skills in self managed study and time management. Re-visiting learning within 24 hours of first developing new ideas and skills ensures effective long-term learning takes place.

Apart from seeing that formal set homework is completed, parents should also encourage their daughters to keep up to date with recent events through news programmes on television or radio and by reading the newspapers. We should also like to emphasise the importance of developing a regular reading programme of books suitable to each student's age, ability and interests.

Homework Policy

Reinforce the concept of learning as a continuous, self-directed process.

Purpose: Homework will assist students to:

  • develop independent learning and time management skills as tools for future learning
  • complete class work or continue with on-going tasks
  • reinforce and revise class work
  • extend and broaden knowledge through independent research and reading


  1. Homework will be meaningful and relevant.
  2. Recognising that students need time to pursue other interests, teachers will work alongside the studetn to manage their workload. For example: 
    Year 9 up to 1 hour in total per school day
    Year 10 up to 1 ½ hours in total per school day
    Years 11 & 12 up to 2 hours in total per school day
    Year 13 up to 3 hours in total per subject per week
    (this includes study periods at school).
  3. Homework needs to have appropriate dedalines and be respectful of home and family time.
  4. Homework will not be required during holiday periods; appropriate self-directed study during holiday periods is the students responsibility.


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