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The Foundation has contributed to a wide variety of fundraising projects over the years to benefit the EGGS community, supporting excellence in girls' education.

Fundraising projects and events include:

  • The Sports Complex
  • Raye Freedman Arts Centre
  • Establishment of the Heritage Fund to assist students and teachers
  • Father & Daughter Breakfasts
  • Gala Auctions
  • Grand pianos
  • Wireless network and computer equipment
  • Support of cultural groups, sports teams and equipment
  • Production of the Annual Calendar and Blend Recipe Book

We welcome and encourage the EGGS community to get involved in our fundraising activities, so that we can provide first class facilities and resources to meet our student, school and wider community needs.  

If you would like to support the school through the EGGS Foundation and are interested in our fundraising activities, please contact the Foundation Office by email foundation@eggs.school.nz or by phone 09 970 6753.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Support Innovative Learning

The Foundation’s current project is to fundraise for the renovation of an old building, our L Block, into a modern, flexible learning environment to meet the needs of the EGGS Community. The renovation will create a positive environment for young women, a multi-functional space for connected and collaborative learning and a stronger sense of community. Show your support, help us raise $150,000.

To make a donation please click here.

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