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Supporting the school and our students

The following prizes, grants and scholarships have been established and are managed by the Foundation for specific ongoing purposes. They support the development of the school and our students.  A huge thanks to our donors and benefactors for their generous gifts.

Arts & Cultural Awards

Arts Council Scholarships: Awarded to Year 9-12 students to foster and develop outstanding talent and emerging leadership in the Arts, up to four awards presented annually.

Friends of Epsom Girls Grammar School Art Scholarship: Awarded to an art student for tertiary study.

Kia Tu, Kia Maia Drama Scholarship: Awarded to an outstanding young actress in Year 13 who has excelled in curriculum drama.

Raye Freedman Scholarship: Awarded to students who have shown talent in the arts and commitment to the arts in their future study. Applicants will have been recognised both within the School and at a regional or national level.

Silver Road Literary Scholarship: Awarded to a Year 13 student actively involved in curriculum writing; recognised within the School or at regional/national level and is planning to pursue a literary or creative writing course at tertiary level.

Senior Prize Giving

Anne Morris Prize: Awarded to the Shakespeare Scholar of the year.

Barbara Elizabeth Cowan Prize: Awarded to a senior student who has contributed widely in helping students experiencing difficulties in reading.

Charlotte Gibbs Memorial Prize: Awarded for excellence in formal writing to a senior student.

Coralie Blackwell Memorial Prize for English: Awarded to a top English senior student.

Emens-Spencer Physics Prize: Awarded for excellence in Physics to an EGGS student who intends to continue with University studies in Science, Mathematics or Engineering.

Gay Roberts Prize for Science: Gay Roberts was Deputy Principal at EGGS from 1989–2004 and this prize is awarded to a top Science student.

John George Memorial Prize: Awarded for excellence in Physics to a Year 12 student.

John Williamson Scholarships: Awarded to Year 13 students who have established an excellent academic record in Year 12 and who are intending to continue with education at tertiary level.

Lucy B Moore Prize: Awarded to a top Year 12 or Year 13 Biology student who is studying at least one other science subject at an acceptable level.

Prefects Legacy Award: Awarded to a Year 13 student who has demonstrated strong leadership.

Te Kaitaka Cup: Awarded to students whose special gift is their capacity for working with, supporting and encouraging others.

Heritage Fund

The Foundation has established a Heritage Fund to provide grants for student activities such as science camps, outward bound, writing and drama workshops, summer schools, Olympiads and MUNA.

If you would like to discuss making a donation through the EGGS Foundation for the specific purpose of prizes and scholarships, please contact the Foundation Office by email foundation@eggs.school.nz or by phone 09 970 6753.


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