Welcome to Epsom Girls Grammar School

Welcome to Epsom Girls Grammar School

A leading secondary school with a proud history of supporting young women since 1917. Achievement has always been important in the school in academic, sporting and cultural activities and we are proud of our results in all these areas on a local, national and international level. We invite you to explore our website to discover more about our school’s excellent  achievements and wide range of learning opportunities.

Chloe Swarbrick MP attends Year 13 Learning Summit - 22/05/2018

Chloe Swarbrick, Green Party MP and EGGS alumna, spoke at our Year 13 Learning Summit this morning, her speech was both incisive and inspiring. Thank you Chloe for joining us! The Learning Summit, also known as Unicorns & Vacuum Cleaners, is a conference-styled day-long event featuring a range of presentations... MORE

EGGS/AGS Ragtime Opening Night - 14/05/2018

We had a wonderful Opening Night and Matinee of the combined EGGS/AGS Production of Ragtime at the weekend. With less than 10% of tickets remaining, be sure to buy yours from iTicket if you haven't already for an evening of wonderful entertainment - an evening where you'll be both challenged... MORE

Prefects Campaign Week - 10/05/2018

One of the highlights of the Prefects campaign week is the annual EGGS Prefects vs AGS Prefects netball game. This year the teams were joined by Dancing with the Stars competitors Aaron Gilmore and David Seymour. Whilst the result might not have been what our team was hoping for it... MORE